Each year, over 50,000 children in the United States find themselves in court.  Some are victims of abuse and violence.  Some have been neglected or abandoned by their parents.  Most are frightened and confused.  Nobody longs for a safe and loving family more than a child in foster care.

Although this is from National CASA, it was considered an offensive statement by someone in the local legal system.  He felt by using this statement, it was insinuating their office wasn’t doing a good job of serving children.

The national CASA program began in 1977 when a judge in Seattle realized that he was only able to spend about 15 minutes on each case.  This, he decided, was not adequate time to investigate and decide the fate of a child.  And so, the Court Appointed Special Advocate program began.

CASA volunteers meet all involved parties and make an impartial recommendation to the judge.  These advocates appear in court for a child, representing the child's best interests.  And CASA volunteers monitor the child's case until the end, helping bring it to a swift, and permanent conclusion.

Interested in helping children, but not ready to commit to becoming a volunteer advocate?  Please make a donation to support our advocacy services.

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