Volunteer your time.

Give a Child a Chance.

Tri-County CASA is an organization that helps children who are the victims of abuse and neglect. Volunteers from the community help support these kids through the process in the family court system.


Tri-County CASA trains and supports volunteers from the community to advocate for abused and neglected children who need support in the family court system. These advocates, or CASA volunteers, work with a child and his or her family to ensure that the child is safe in his or her home and in his or her community and that the child’s voice is heard in his or her own legal case.


Support Tri-county CASA

Invite a CASA Staff Member or volunteer to present a program to a community or civic group.

Present an in-service training workshop or topic about which you have professional expertise.

Recruit volunteers by talking with friends and co-workers.

Help with a fundraiser, or contact businesses for in-kind donations for a fundraiser, special event, or volunteer recognition.

Distribute CASA information within the community.

Serve on the Tri-County CASA Board of Directors.

Make a Donation.


Become a CASA Volunteer

The mission of Tri County CASA, Inc. is to provide trained volunteers, appointed by the court, who advocate the best interests of the child and assist the child in obtaining a permanent, safe, and homelike placement.  

A Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer is appointed by a judge to speak for the best interest of children brought into the judicial system as victims of neglect and abuse.

Voice of Children
CASA Volunteers speak for the child in the courtroom, representing the best interest of the child.

Act as a Watchdog & Fact Finder
CASA Volunteers act as a watchdog for the child during the life of the case and serve as a fact-finder for the judge.


Donate to a Childs Future

With your gift to CASA, you can help our program provide the very best volunteer advocacy for child and abuse victims in our community. Your financial contribution will assist with recruiting and training volunteers and providing advocacy services for child victims.

We accept monetary donations, in-kind donations, and fundraising.

Tri-County CASA, Inc. is a 501 c (3) nonprofit charitable organization that funds its mission through monetary donations, in-kind donations, fundraising efforts, and grants. All donations are tax deductible. We can not help child abuse/neglect victims without your support.

Children in the 13th Judicial District NEED Tri-County CASA on their side! Law enforcement deals with abuse and neglect daily and it is great to see an organization to dedicated to helping the children and keeping their best interests at the forefront!

Chad McCluskey – Law Enforcement

CASA and its volunteers have long been an organization I have felt to be absolutely integral to the best interests of minor children in our
judicial district.  CASA’s commitment to the truth without any hidden or
self-interest agendas is invaluable.

Rob Lane – GAL El Dorado

An awesome group of people who truly make a difference in the lives of children and each other.

Rita Lewis – Volunteer